Syndactyly Release

  • Release of congenital hand and finger deformity.

Cutaneous Closure of Congenital Spina Bifida

  • Immediate closure of skin and subcutaneous component of spina bifida after dural repair by neurosurgeon.

Cleft Surgery

  • Primary repair of cleft lip and palate including bilateral cleft palate.
  • Repair of complications of primary surgery such as fistula repair with local tissue or free tissue transfer.
  • Secondary deformity repair upper lip revisions and rhinoplasty.

Surgical Management of Cutaneous Vascular Malformation

  • Surgical intervention after failed medical therapy by Paediatrics team, especially if the tumour is causing significant problems to the patient, such as bleeding, obscuring view or swallowing.
  • Includes hemangioma, Arteriovenous malformation, venous malformation and lymphangioma.